Faculty and Staff Directory

Administration and Student Services
Eileen Illuzzi

Cecile Randall
Executive Secretary to the Director

Gillian Staniforth
School Counseling Coordinator

Carol Trembley
Co-op Education 

Crystal Britch
Special Needs Coordinator
Gwen Bailey-Rowe
Assistant Director for Adult Education

Todd Cubit
Administrative Assistant for Adult Education

Program Instructors    
Lydia Alexander 

Fred Bishop
 Heavy Equipment Operations & Maintenance

Jeremy Broe
Building Trades
 Andrea Carbine
Hospitality  & Tourism Management
Celine Champine
Health Careers


 Karen Chitambar
Transportation ScienceTechnology

 Hazen Converse
 Stuart Cornell
Computer & Networking Technology

Emily Dehoff 
Green Industries 
Katherine Gray
 Health Careers
Laurie Jacobs

Samuel Nijensohn
 Forestry Agriculture & Water Resources

 Daniel Ross

 Heidi Santaw
 Early Childhood Development

 John Wagner
 Video Game & Web Programming
 Benjamin Wells
 Welding & Metal Fabrication

 Frances Woodward
 Culinary Arts