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The NCCC Video Game and Web Programming class is proud to participate in the worldwide Hour of Code event. Students in the program will be hosting approximately 200 of their peers throughout the week, teachingthem to write their first computer programs. 

The Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative designed to introduce students of all ages to computer programming. Last year, President Obama became the first U.S. President to write a computer program at an Hour of Code event. There are more than 148,000 Hour of Code events planned this year worldwide.


Our Land Lab is 60+ acres of school property with trails for walking and skiing and school rules on weapons and no hunting apply. Natural Resources, Building Trades, Heavy Equipment, and Protective Services hold their classes at the Land Lab.


Heidi Santaw's Early Childhood Education Level 1 students participated in a workshop to learn more about shaken baby syndrome/ abusive head trauma. Kay Shangrawl from Prevent Child Abuse Vermont lead the workshop.Students use custard brains to show a visual of what a shaken brain might look like and how quickly it happens.They also used a computerized baby to see where the damage could occur in the brain of a shaken baby.


Andrew Carbine's Protective Services class participated in fire extinguisher training at the Newport Fire Station. Search and rescue and obstacle course was set up at our land lab on the Quarry Rd. 


Mr. Byrne's Year 2 Green Industries students just recently finished a four week long restoration of St. Edward's in Derby Line. Nice work!


NCCC instructor John Wagner is on a mission to encourage girls to learn how to write in code (the computer language used to design websites and video games, etc...)
Next week, on Thursday 11/5/2015 at 2:45 pm, he will be showing the full-length documentary CODEGIRL in room 434. The trailer for the movie is available here: 


Human Growth and Development students donate handmade quilts to Umbrella for children affected by domestic violence.


Let us help you clean out your closet!


Dr. Kathy Gray and Health Careers I student doing volunteer veterinary work at the Frontier Animal Society.


If anyone in the community has this type of plastic jar kicking around – Mr. Byrne is re-purposing them in his Green Industries class.

ASAP through Christmas Break.

College and Career Fair 2015 


Health Careers Year One students promoting CPR awareness at Fitness Day on September 25.


Human Growth and Development students participating in the White Cane Walk. October is White Cane Awareness Month

Natural Resources levels 1 and 2 joined the STEM group field trip for the purpose of learning about the operation, management, and business principles associated with bagged and bulk grain sourcing, processing, mixing and distribution for a wide variety of animal feed products including feeds for poultry, swine, equine, cattle, and others (even llamas and alpacas). 


WATCH THIS (Click below)

Mechatronics teachers Hazen Converse and Dan Ross traveled to Berlin, Germany to train at the Siemens Teknik Akademi for two weeks this past summer.