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October 3, 2023

College & Career Fair

October 5, 2023

Woman Can Do Conference

October 13, 2023

Skills Drop & Swap

October 24, 2023

Student Led Assembly NCUHS Sophomores

NCCC in the News

Transportation Science Technology Live Work Has Begun!

Owen Hoyt, a Junior at Lake Region High School, worked on this Vintage 1958 Metropolitan, releasing the brake cylinders. Students work under the expert guidance of Instructor Karen Chitambar and Lab Supervisor Gerry Chapdelaine. Restorations and vintage cars are an added bonus!

Animal System Sciences Head To The Farm

Community connections are alive and well at NCCC! Thanks to the combined generosity, patience and wisdom of Spring Brook Farm's Kitty and Spud Edwards and Sebastian LaTraverse, Animal System Science students study and work at this biological field station which is an integral part of the program as students discover the science behind agricultural systems This seamless collaboration is entering its sixth year and was carefully crafted by Emily Dehoff, Program Instructor! 

NCCC Welcomes New Staff Members To The Team 

Welcome Brian Case to the 23 - 24 NCCC Land Lab Crew! Veteran teachers, Jeremy Broe (L), Building Trades and Sam Nijensohn (R), Natural Resources are been joined this year by Brian Case, who is the new Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance program instructor. Brian has an extensive background in this career pathway from operation, maintenance, welding fabrication and diesel mechanics. Brian is a great addition to this team and will undoubtedly contribute to the many interdisciplinary projects beyond his own program.