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Health Science 1 - Katherine Gray, DVM

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Health Science 2 - Celine Champine, RN

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Health Sciences I includes anatomy & physiology, human growth and development, infection control, legal responsibilities, medical terminology, job safety, employability skills, and much more related to the health care industry. A clinical component is included to provide practical experience in many health care areas including (but not limited to) nursing, physical therapy, radiology, respiratory therapy, dental care, nutrition, surgical services, veterinary science and other related areas. In Health Sciences II students continue to expand skills and career path options and choose between Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) or dual enrollment in the Human Growth and Development course; all students study Medical Terminology for optional dual enrollment credit.

Program Advisory Committee


Amanda Pratt, North Country Hospital

Kathleen LaFratta, North Country Hospital

Megan Marquissee, North Country Hospital

Rhonda Howard, North Country Hospital

Steven Hurd, North Country Hospital

Megan Sargent, North Country Hospital

Gail Meunier, North Country Hospital

Tina Royer, North Country Hospital

Anne Steinberg, Michaud Memorial Manor

Lyne Limoges, Orleans-Essex Visiting Nurses & Hospice

Rose Mary Mayhew, BelAire Center

Lanie Billings, Northern VT Area Health Education Center

Kay McIsaac, Community College of Vermont

Lisa Bohlman, Kingdom Kare Healthcare

Nancy Noble, North Country Hospital/VT Technical College


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